Sunday, February 6, 2011


It was high school, junior year.  Three friends and I were studying our vocabulary words.

One friend read, "Miscegenation: (noun) the mixing of different racial groups."

Another looked up and said, "Hey, that's me."

Yet another friend added, "I'm a miscegenation, too."

And it struck me, so was I.

At this moment, I was starting to feel bad for the blonde girl in our group who wasn't.  It seems she was outnumbered.  But, as I looked around in the entire class, we three were the only ones who were multi-racial, and also the only ones who were in any minority groups.  Was it coincidence that we were friends?  Is there something about being of two cultures, or of different cultures, that somehow predisposed us to friendship?  I have so many questions that probably only a psychologist could answer, but I hope to share my thoughts and feelings.  I'm going to speak openly, so I hope you do, too.   (But not TOO openly, or I might have to censor you!)

This is my story.


  1. i know this story! but why can't i remember who else was there? me, you, and...?

    count me in. this is gonna be good.

  2. Like you, I didn't realise I was a "half caste" until I had to read a book at school that discussed the history of the Aborginal people and what they did with children that were bi-racial! Sad, indeed! I had some great and not so great expriences. In Australia when I was taking an exam they would ask what my nationality was...and you had to circle only the 'one' that applied,
    which one do I circle? I left it blank, feeling as though I would do either culture a disservice by not circling it! :P